I hunt for treasure.

Typical for a pirate, I guess…Today I went on a rather different kind of treasure hunting adventure.  One involving technology, pens, creativity, and no fear of getting your shoes ruined.  Indeed, some shoes were made filthy, legs were covered in thorns and shoes were covered in nettles.  But that feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment at the end of discovering something you didn’t know was there (especially when you’ve lived there for years) … is worth it (and also makes you relate to Nicholas Cage (ugh) in the National Treasure films… or Indiana Jones… but those are other stories) Today, we were our own adventurers!

Quite simply, Geocaching is a different kind of treasure hunt for the pirates of today.  It involves using a geocache app (or the internet) to find a map to locate near where potential treasure is.  We went on a pretty large quest, finding three pieces of treasure.  “Humbug Creek” being our finale making the entire trip.

So now, I’ve been bit by the geocaching bug and am itching to go on my next adventure…

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