a fretting freshman

It’s hard to think that only four short years ago, around this time I was worried about being a freshman in high school. Now I’m on to college life, and I’m still fretting! And to think, I’ve come so far. My pitiful sticky-tab lists have changed to full page precise lists of what I need to get, organize and do.

looking back at my high school freshman year, I’m not who I was four years ago. At all.  Yes, I’ve got the same name, same body, *some* of the same interests… but I’ve changed for the better, I’ve grown. Looking forward, I can’t imagine how much I’ll change as a person.  Mentally, physically.  I’ll probably keep the same interests, I’ll probably still be thinking of the US Agility team instead of The US Olympic team whenever I hear “support team USA” (look, I’ve got my World Team shirt on while watching the Olympics-what?)  Maybe by then I’ll have gotten another dog, another blog, maybe I’ll dye my hair or have visited another country.  Maybe I will go far in agility.  Four years from now is a long time, but somehow, it’s not.

four years ago, today, doesn’t seem that long ago at all.  Time really does fly.  And nerves are always fresh when it comes to trying new things.  In exactly two weeks from today, I’ll be moving into my college dorm room, leaving me with a hoard of mixed emotions.  I’m nervous, but not afraid. Sad, but not upset.  Excited but not jumping up and down.  My head, through all of this (somehow) stays calm.  It’s just a small step, leading to the next.  A bridge, taking me to my future.  A  new path.

the ground ahead is unknown, the path may be uneven.  I just have to remember to keep a level head… and THINK!  I’m going out to accomplish something.

too many lists    support team USA!

on another note, I hope we go geocaching tomorrow!

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