feelings, relatives, the left behind.

I’m packing.  What a weird experience that is. Maybe I’m the only one who goes through and looks at all of their stuff and thinks of the memories they’ve had when they put things into boxes… but it happens.  A lot of thoughts go through my head.  Self-doubt, mostly.  So, here I am, posting on my blog.  What’s new.

I never did give my blog to my roommates.  I think I will though.  Maybe tomorrow.

I very much would like to go to the beach again. I want to feel the sand between my toes and listen to the waves draw in and out.  I want to leave my phone, my computer and all other signs of life off and stowed.  I want to breathe peace, and salty air.

What nonsense is that.

Anyways, nerves. feelings. I leave for college in nine days.  That’s crazy.

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