the day after the best camping trip I’ve ever been on. ever.

For the record, I’m listening to the Cinema song, while writing this.  I think it seems fitting considering it was the theme song of our entire trip (thanks to Halie – I feel like I am building a house ;)).  I will probably remember this trip forever, it was more than amazing getting to know and live with everyone who came.  I can’t thank you guys enough for making this trip as it was.  Complete with hikes, intense Geocaching (all found by Hayden,  the Geocaching King.)  Swimming across the channel in the lake, running, the fire, food, Jason Bourne- and even the convenient store.

D-d-d-dddrop the bass.

After driving for eight hours, we ended up going to plan C, Icehouse,  a wonderful decision.  Best place.  The girls quickly set up the tent (WOMAN POWER), started a fire, cooked dinner (and ate like savages) while we waited for the arrival of the guys (and Alex).

first photo, we took a pit stop in Cool (which has the coolest name ever). Second photo,  hard core women power , photo by Halie Goeman (thanks girl, hope you don’t mind me stealing… to amazing to resist.)

   WOMAN POWER!   photo by Halie Goeman

The rest of the trip was brilliant.  We roasted Marshmello’s every night.  Brandon, dubbed “The Bean” cooked beans for us one night!  We bonded, swam in the lake, enjoyed inception pool…. the gorgeous scenery… the frogs – (Michelangelo,  Van Gogh  and Picasso – of course.) Hayden, Frodo and I made some pretty delicious hamburgers.  We played some intense card games (*remind myself to bring cards to college*) including various versions of speed, BS, and thief.  Okay, the song ended.  Time for Memories. Also appropriate.


I’m still taking it all in.

All the crazy stuff we did.  So much happiness.  I’m praying I’ll be able to keep in touch with all of you as we all go our own separate ways.


I found it especially interesting though, how much I learned about myself and everyone else on this trip.  What people are like when you live with them,  how to free myself and be myself.  I felt like I could be expressive, open, and totally honest with myself and everyone… which is not something I feel very often.  I felt included, cared for, and caring for everyone around me.  It wasn’t about the individual person, it was about having fun.  About really living.

and although we didn’t even bring up these deep things (or get close to even thinking about them during the trip) It made me smile, inside and out.  I liked being wild savages ;) and just feeling free.


I honestly wouldn’t trade the time spent here for the world.

photo by Ciera Winters.

much love from yours truly,  Tetris-meat hands-doctor-Nicoleman Grill ;)

skype me.

eta, here’s Ciera’s video:

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