Learning to drive stick… and say goodbye.

By goodbye, I mean “see you soon” … of course.
I learned how to drive stick shift today, in my very good friend’s ’06 V8 Mustang. I’m proud of myself and honestly wouldn’t have spent the day any other way. We talked about the future, cars, and small talk and I realized how lucky I’d been to find such good friends in high school.  Around them I can be me, talk about anything… or everything.  And for me, that’s huge. I mainly like to post things on the internet and pray nobody notices.  I’m not into sharing a ton about my life, though I like hearing about other’s.

You haven’t driven unless you’ve driven on a manual transmission. Yeah, okay, I still can’t back up properly (especially up a *slight* hill to make a three point turn :/ ok.) but it felt good.  It was much more fun than driving an automatic, it keeps you awake and thinking. RPM’s, speed, gears and gas all matter. feeling the car is the most important part. Second gear is the best thing ever made, first is a pain. You can live in neutral forever. almost. Hills suck.

Tomorrow (well, today) I move into a dorm.  Dorm life begins.  College begins.  A blur of emotions is pulsing through my veins.  Excitement, nerves, longing.  I’m tired now… so I’ll have to enunciate tomorrow, probably post-move in.  Just releasing feelings.

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