a few good reasons why I need my camera & car

first of all, let’s be honest folks here. What makes a good reason?  A strong opinion with some legitimate explanation to back it up.  I don’t actually *need* (per sey) to have my car or camera here but here are a few reasons why I’d LIKE to have them both here.

as I eat my Sun Chips and curse myself.  WHY.  (most) Chips make me sick at the thought of them and here I am, woofing a  ton of SUN CHIPS.  My lips are burning from the salt.  I never eat this much salt. Sodium. I turn and glance at my water bottle on my dresser.  It’s too far away.  I cringe.  So LAZY.  Gym again tomorrow. IT WILL HAPPEN… RUN, FORREST.

right. so what I was actually talking about.  My camera.
1.  so I can take decent pictures for my blog
2. because of reasons
3. it is essential to my survival as a person
4. not really
5. what else am I going to do with my life?!
6. be a human being
7. I miss my camera.

Seriously now, why I need my car:

procrastination just kicked in, I’ll do this later, maybe. Probably not.  I’ve got class at 10 tomorrow… lovely.

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