out with the truth! I’d watched the clip just yesterday and the fact that the music played was in favor of Cesar and the continuous time markers shows how ignorant most of society is to simple body language communication. I’m also constantly irritated at the amount of people who “wonder” why I object Cesar Milan’s “dog training” or anyone else for that matter who goes about it “training” dogs in the same way. It is pathetic that now, we are aware of this body language, and aware of how dogs are communicating with us and yet we still go about using the same barbaric methods.
we need change in the dog training world, or just to make this common knowledge. Thank you for posting this!

Wilde About Dogs

A man places a dish of food down before an adult Labrador Retriever, and then crouches down and stares at the dog. The dog blinks, turns her head, and looks nervous. Seconds later, with the man still crouched there in a tense, stiff stance, the dog begins to eat. The man reaches toward the dish. The dog snarls, and turns her head toward the man. There is a moment of opportunity for the man to back away. Instead, he forms his hand into a shape that resembles a claw, and jabs at the dog’s neck. The dog snarls and retracts her upper lip to show her teeth. She does not bite the man, but instead moves her upper body away from the man. When this happens, the man advances in a threatening manner, and the dog takes two steps backward.

As the man continues to move toward her in a…

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