the things, happening.

Quite a bit has happened since I last posted.  Very odd to think about how much has *actually* happened.  Firstly, my birthday was on the seventh of September. I’ve been eighteen for over a week and I still don’t feel a day over seventeen. Interesting, how fast time flies.  I’m also now on the Sonoma State Equestrian Team!! Which is beyond exciting for me!  But let’s talk about how things are going.

On September 7th, I went out to a pizza dinner at The Little New Yorker with my parents, brothers, aunt and two cousins. We ate, they sang Happy Birthday to me… the people at the pizza place were kind enough to lend us candles and matches (which my Mom placed in the cupcakes she’d made)  and everyone in the little restaurant sang to us. It was really pretty adorable.
The next morning, We headed out to Goat Rock Beach, a little beach just past Sebastapool, deemed ‘one of the most deadly beaches in California’ (probably second place to Bodega… our favorite beach…).  We had a lovely picnic with amazing food and the beach, though totally windy, was not entirely freezing. Okay, maybe a little.

Just within this past week I’m now on the Sonoma State Equestrian Team! I was privileged to work on our website today (woo, like a boss!) Getting to work and talk with Taylor was awesome.  She’s super chill and seems really cool.  I can’t wait to ride and show with these awesome people!  I’m still waiting for my phone call about lessons from Carrie (I’ve called her twice.. she got my first message but not my second one, which is slightly worrying.)

Yesterday, we got to watch fireworks so, naturally I took photos of them… They were for Cotati’s high school Homecoming.  It made me flashback to previous homecomings and high school… made me grateful that I was able to go all four years and not miss any homecoming dances/ games.  High school went by so quickly… but it also reminded me how done I was with it.  I’d long moved on.  This “moving on” from high school (often called Senioritis) probably struck early on.  But that’s normal, I suppose.  I’m happy to be in college.

Speaking of reminiscing,  I FaceTimed my family back home today, got to see George on the computer screen which was pretty adorable… I miss my family…. but I love college life too.  I also talked for a few hours to Sara who’s at APU right now, we talked about EVERYTHING which was brilliant.  I miss talking to my girl on a daily basis… or seeing her more often than not.  But I do miss everyone.

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