the idea of a ‘clean start’

for some reason, I am the kind of person who periodically “needs” to start fresh, start a new project and work on something new. My constant tone of surprise when I recollect how long I’ve been blogging on some of my blogs is all due to the fact that when I move on, I MOVE ON. New blog, new account, new url, new design.  I want it to be fresh, always better, more organized than the last.  But in the end, they all kind of end up looking the same.  To me, anyways. And by the time I notice they all look the same, the process begins all over again.  I grow tired of the same look, same feel of the posts. Same layout and sloppyness of the blog in general,  layout of the posts, layout of the actual blog (nothing against the templates! just a personal preference, of course.)  I am forever unsatisfied, it seems. Charge Dogs is almost over two years old, of consistant posts… and looking back it’s really quite interesting to watch how quickly I’d grown as a writer in two years. I’m still amazed.

So here it goes. I’m about to post to Charge Dogs…. still feeling the need for something new. After reading how I’ve improved… progress is only inevitable.  It’s not the same. The only place from there is up.

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