you can seek, but you might not find.

20121010-002200.jpgI have an odd love of strange art. Colors don’t matter as long as shading is correct.  Color typically depicts the mood or just the tools that I have available to me.  Lately, I’ve had a strong craving for interesting photoshop-type, *unique* art (I guess I’ll call it that because I don’t know what else to call it but strange!)  The sketch to the right, I completed in my Philosophy class, much to my philosophy teacher’s distaste – and trust me, he lets me know.  I always make the excuse that drawing is an outlet that allows me to better concentrate on his lectures… which is the complete and total truth.  I can’t just sit still or write during lectures, I’ll focus on the writing or the trying to sit still… so instead of fiddling (and probably accidentally having a pencil fly through the air and poke out someone’s eye) I tend to scribble. And out comes quite random and often extremely colorful sketches.

Digital Art is the only art class I’ve ever taken and my goodness, if I could take another class like it, I would in a heart beat. To the left is a piece that is moreover a photograph of my hands that was digitally manipulated [see process].  It took ages to draw out the eye and find the proper jewelry and originally, my theme was self-harm and, well, secrets… and it kind of developed into something…………….. else.  I don’t even know now what that is or where it came from.  I had a few ideas and I jumped on them and BAM. The hands. It’s quite a statement. How often do you see frail, cracked hands, one covered in bracelets holding another one up that has an eye, creepy markings and fingers crossed (a lie?).  It could be interpreted in a multitude of ways. Who knows what was on my mind as I created… THAT.

but back to why I wrote this post- I want to create something *odd* again. I want to be creative and get out there! CREATIVITY! where’d it go?!!

… time to do homework..

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