one year.

as of today, I’ve been blogging on this wordpress account for a whole year.  If you have to ask, my original account was overrun by the amount of blogs I *had* so I transfered them to this one and cleaned up my act.  It’s been a year of commitment to this account and not *too* many blogs (not like on my other account, trust me, it’s completely hideous.).

I still find it somewhat interesting through, I am not the type of person who will be content with something for very long.  I look for change in every opportunity I get.  A new gadget, I’ll take it, a new blog, I’ll make it. It only takes a second to cross my mind and become reality… and that is something I’ve been trying to stop- or at least slow down.  My creative-ness was getting out of hand and I just kept wanting to create MORE.  It’s a good energy to have, don’t get me wrong… but in this sense, let’s be honest.  The internet doesn’t need THAT much of my nonsense when it already has something else’s.   And I prefer the simpler look anyways… so by making a ton of blogs, it kind of defeats the purpose.  One of my goals for Charge Dogs was to maintain it for as long as I could, not changing the name, finding a theme I was as close to satisfied as I could get…. and being content and neat with my overall posts.  I wanted it to be a reliable blog and a project that would LAST.

Musings of a Pirate came about when I needed somewhere to free write.  I wanted a place where when I had thoughts or sudden emotions I could just write for days without really putting much thought or quality time into what I was saying.  “proof-free” I’d come to think of it as and it became a kind of journal.  Now with mixed posts and photos it’s begun to look a bit more sophisticated as it’s also picking up readers!  Before, when it was reader-less, my posts were uncensored and often cruel to myself and others as I openly projected un censored thoughts to the vast and broad corners of the internet.  I didn’t exactly care who’d seen it or read it because at the time, this blog was quietly anonymous (or I tried to make it that way)… so much like a pirate, the crude posts carried on without much of a care to be seen.

Then one day, everything changed.  A rather crude but powerful post of mine was discovered… and noticed… and someone asked if they could share it.  Miss Alarna Rose Gray was the simple attention that my blog needed to “get it’s act together” so to speak.  I went through and deleted posts and started to post things that were “acceptable” though, looking back, I almost miss some of the silliness that went on with the webcam pictures/ ect. It was pretty cool.  But my blog needed a new look.  A new face to this pirate.  Reform.

And here we are! Still… musing.

5 thoughts on “one year.

  1. Oh my, what a surprise! I had no idea that post had any part to play in your new look! I simply came and followed this blog (as opposed to your others) because it said the most about you personally. I like to get to know the person behind it all. And I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes you. Happy One year :)

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