oh library, pleased to meet you.

As I type this, I cannot see clearly, I’m laughing too hard.  My eyes are watering and my nose is running.  My head hurts from my ponytail that’s been in my hair since I-don’t-know-when.  I’m in the library, typing.  People walk around, everyone looks *somewhat* productive and finally, I feel like a college student.  I’m wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants.  My hair is unkempt, constrained by a single pony-tail holder.  The Coca Cola I swore not to drink is sitting next to me and I am surrounded by books.  My phone is on airplaine mode and for a large part of the day (the productive part, anyways) my internet has been off.  Annoying songs are ringing in my ears.  Somehow, they motivate me to write, more and more.  I am getting work done.  I’m reading, studying.  Progress is being made.  Lazy college student, I am, no more.  Well. Okay.

I’ve stopped laughing by this point.  I’ve committed to writing this post.

I have been studying since nine o’clock this morning.  It just never ends. I’m a freshman, remember… and at this point, I’ve learned that I NEED to KNOW this stuff.  I need to put some hard work in.  I’ve moved once.  This morning I was in a friend’s house, we were being productive for a while… until we all began to become delirious .  As delirium hit, we left for the library- where the REALLY productive people are, right?  I’ve begun to open up books from the beginning of the year that I haven’t touched in a while.

This is the first time I’ve been productive in the library.  It’s been a whole semester and I haven’t taken advantage of this building …. until today.  I had my doubts about it, so many people and humming voices and books and things to look at….. I can’t look up.  Don’t look up, I keep telling myself my friend and her boyfriend are sitting accross from me.  Third wheeling here.  Not only that, if I look up and we make eye contact, I have no doubt in my mind that I will burst out laughing.  None at all.  I mean, I know I will.  If I can write two essays right now, I can surely write a blog post in between.

So now I know, this is what it means to be a college student.  I finally feel like I’m in college.  Innitiation. FINALLY. (except, let’s be honest, nobody wants to be studying like this *all* of the time.  That would be completely terrible.)

So, with that, meet our library: (photo courtesy of sonoma.edu)  Except, picture it with a dark sky and the clock is glowing.  I’m on the bottom floor of this three story monster.  I’m getting work done, and surprisingly am not as stressed as I thought I would be- or as I was a little while ago.

I think this delirium is how we deal with stress. We just laugh it off.

ANYWAYS. Studying. Finals.  A note to anybody else cramming right now: YOU CAN DO THIS. They’ll be over in a week, I promise!

Now, back to work!

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