I’ve got a world to see

I keep trying to post.
it’s a pattern.  Write, delete, write, delete.

it’s gone.  The ideas, the thoughts.
“Free write,” my English teacher would say, “is a beautiful thing.”

re-reading my free writing from today, it isn’t beautiful.  I describe actions, words, that come to my head. I find music, play  it, try to write.  It’s choppy – detached- if you will.

I need a trip, I need to travel and get out there.  Hilltop Hoods’ “Nosebleed Section” is blasting in my ears, I’m longing for a city-energy.  A taste of freedom, free spirit.  People to watch, style, inspiration… a little escape.  I want to fly in a plane by myself, I know, it’s not all jazzy.  I want to get a passport, and go places where people don’t speak the language(s) I do.  Where who I was didn’t matter, only what I was doing, and the fact that I was there.  I wanted to walk the streets, camera in hand, shooting every detail of light.  Every edge, trim, expression, feeling, taste!  I want to capture it! I want to sit, sit and write.  A different place, every day, no time for rest.  Just keep moving forward.  That’s what I’m itching to do, itching to go.  I can’t sit still any longer. No more “vacation” days on the couch watching Chopped or whatever else might be on television. I’ll most definitely explode.

I’ll make it happen.  Even if it’s a short trip to San Francisco or some little town…. anywhere, I just have to MOVE! and do something.

golden gates & a chain link fence
the fear

in other news, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I certainly enjoyed mine, especially the part where I’m on vacation!

4 thoughts on “I’ve got a world to see

    • why thank you :) I think being back at school has lessened my restlessness a bit :) I hope your holidays were wonderful and your comments and posts always make me light up!

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