AKC, last weekend.

Last weekend was pretty awesome – I got to hang out with Megan, Olga and Nancy Gyes and they had a puppy play date…  (sadly, without Spark.)
Reckon and Cody
(which one is Reckon, which one is Kody? ;))
Nancy Gyes' Pie
(Pie, above) Enjoy that Border Collie love, hopefully it’s enough to hold you over (until USDAA next weekend ;))
I certainly recieved quite a bit of love from the Border Collies (notably Zip – pictured first – who was quite generous with her hugs and kisses.)

Firstly, I can say I missed the agility community so much it was almost crazy *almost* (okay, maybe a bit) I also found out how much I’d missed going to trials and just the feeling of bliss when someone Q’d, the excitement when people got their MACh titles and it made me realize how much I missed the sport, how much I needed to get back into the sport and I talked with both Olga and Megan to try to figure out plans upon back up plans of what I could do next year so I could get back on track towards getting to play agility.

And now… it’s just the wait for next weekend’s USDAA trial!!!

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