USDAA & quite the weekend!

On Sunday, I was able to attend part of the USDAA Bay Team trial and hang out with Olga & Michael. I’m glad that I have been able to attend these past few agility trials.  Seeing dogs run agility is something I could watch over and over (oh wait, that’s what I did! :))
USDAA "table, table, down, down, down..."

Then today, because thanks to Martin Luther King Jr. We didn’t have classes today, I was able to travel to San Rafel with Ian to pick up a lens for his camera and go on a photo adventure in Muir Woods! Also thanks to Martin Luther King Jr, everything was free (thanks man!)

to capture an awe

After the trip to Muir Woods, Ian and I went on quite the quest for bubbles – finally founding them and continuing our photo adventures experimenting with Bubbles and flash photos! I’m still not to sure about using flash for photos.  The flash that comes with the camera makes me cringe still but everything somehow managed to turn out!

I also was able to try an awesome filter and some cool lenses, photo adventures are pretty cool! (thanks Ian!!!)

And a random fact- Bubbles are a “seasonal product” I had no idea until we discovered how difficult it is to find bubbles in the winter!

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