it’s a Hillary Duff kind of day

Don’t even bother asking me why I’ve been listening to Hillary Duff all day.  Maybe I’m thinking about my childhood.  I’m home today- today, but only for a short while.  Tomorrow morning we venture to my cousin’s Engagement party and we’ll stay with family the night and Sunday, around noon, I’ll make the trek back to school.  It’s been quite the adventure, I must say.  I’ve had the opportunity to dig through some of our old-things and re-discovered an old film camera, as well as a few lenses. (including my new favorite: a full manual 33-80mm telephoto film-based lens… it’s really a cute lens! hah.)

Try not to picture me laughing and plotting.  Because clearly that’s what’s going on.  I’m pretty stoked on this discovery.

George just sighed and rolled over on the floor beside my bed.  He’s content and happy, it’s nice to see his face relax.  What a day.

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