a food quest, of sorts

It’s dark outside.  Little rainbow Christmas lights twinkle from around the window seat of my friend’s dorm room.  My feet are propped up on the table, my back resting on the back of the living room chair.  It’s probably rather chilly outside but I’m enjoying the warmth of the heater.  Scrolling through yet another page of recipes-  I never thought anyone would see the day (well, I suppose night) that I would start to crave healthy food.

Yet here we are.

My computer’s battery has reached 6%. A smirk stretches across my face.  Of course.  As soon as I go to write something.  Reaching over, I snatch the charger from my purse and plug it in to the wall socket to my right.  Sonia, a good friend, sings quietly in the hallway walking towards the living room, where I sit.  My gaze drifts to my phone, sitting on the coffee table.  I’d lined it up so that the corners of my phone match the corners of the table.


Perhaps tomorrow, I will start a new venture. Of healthy food and foodie-style cooking. I mean, if I can pay for it that is.  We shall see.

4 thoughts on “a food quest, of sorts

    • I’ll have to figure that whole pintrest thing out ;)
      ohhhhhhh! I know we’ve got one at home… I just don’t have one on campus (crockpot experiments perhaps during holidays!)
      thank you :D your comments are always so awesome!

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