critically aware: on North Korea

It is important to educate yourself.

My eyes opened to the bright light of my phone screen and the soft jingle of my my text message ringtone.  Irritable, I rolled over and glared at my clock, five thirty was too early.  I didn’t have class until eight.  Retrieving my phone from it’s place on my nightstand, I read the text.

“North Korea looks bad”

I bit my lip, and sat up so quickly it was almost dizzying.  Regaining my balance, I drudged towards my desk, bringing my computer back to my bed. Google:  North Korea.  I read, and read. My eyes searching, scanning.  This war that wasn’t publicized, wasn’t made a “huge deal” had been waging for about fifty years.  It was really between South Korea and North Korea, I found as I informed myself… but American Troops were being deployed there and apparently units were sent on Combat-Ready status.

The conflict between North and South Korea had been going on since the Cold War… the dispute ended up causing Korea to schism at the 38th parallel (.. I remember this from a US History class, if that ages me..).  I became frustrated.  Why hadn’t I been aware that the war was actually continuing.  the fear of nuclear war and the United States paralleling South Korea in their acts of rebellion and electing a female president.

In 2008 North Korea promised to diffuse it’s Nuclear program easing tension between them and the United States.  The removal of their nuclear program also allowed the US to remove them from the Terror list among other things.   In 2009, two American journalists were imprisoned in Korea, rekindling the tension between the two countries (I recall this much..).  The journalists were recently returned to the US  after (according to the press) going through grueling torture.  Now, in 2013  Korea was found to be re-testing, for the third time, a nuclear bomb that had similar effects to the first test in 2009 and on March 21st, they released a propaganda film “Three Day War” where they advertised the defeat of the United States. Now, North Korea has deemed the United States and Hawaii “targets.”

I keep staring at my computer screen, as if it’d change something, anything… but looking at the clock, I haven’t got much time to pause.. I didn’t have time to write, but I did anyways.  Class doesn’t sound appealing at all right now, but here I go.

and on the same note – because it isn’t in the news as much, doesn’t mean it’s happening.  I’m just waiting for this to show up on major news stations soon enough.   It’s important to inform yourself on what’s happening in this world — after all, we *do* live here.

4 thoughts on “critically aware: on North Korea

  1. How did you come upon this topic? Very informative and political. I think most people choose to be ignorant, because the alternative leads to worry. But I like this choice of writing, because it shows maturity.

  2. I have been following the NK threats for some time now. It has always been and will always be an issue as long as a tyrant is in power in North Korea. As a Marine in the USMC-R I am always checking world events, other nations, and our involvement with foreign countries. I like to at least think as a college graduate that I am somewhat above the stereotype of a typical “jarhead” Marine, as I (again FEEL) quite educated. That being said, I also am still a Marine in the infantry (rifleman) and have a deep seated loved for this country and will defend it with my life. I am always down for a fight and will always fight for what I believe in. War between the US and North Korea is something I don’t think either side wants. It would be too long, too costly and too many young lives will be lost on both sides (mainly theirs because I am good at what I do haha).

    I digress, the fact of the matter is, both nations aren’t going to back down, and I feel like this is a huge storm that is brewing in the Pacific. I certainly am not a pacifist but I also think that war solves nothing when words aren’t used. Unfortunately our nations not only speak different languages, but we speak different languages in our agendas as well. I fear for the future of our children when people so blatantly throw out threats and think little of the implications, that goes for both sides, North Korea and the US. Marines are good at what we do, but we aren’t our best weapon, diplomacy is. If that should fail, then you can bet I will be writing from Pyongyang when we take over the country.

    You write well, and I look forward to following you and hearing your opinions. Stay informed on the matter and I would love to read more of your personal views on the matter!

    • Firstly I have to say, Thank you for serving our country. Two of my best friends and some of my family are in the military and as a whole, servicemen and women are under appreciated for what you give. I read through some of the posts on your blog and concur, you are not per the stereotype, though I think it depends more on the person than their occupation of choice for how much one is educated.

      I agree with your conclusion, neither side seems to appear to want to back down and I highly doubt that they will. Though North Korea has less than half of the nuclear power we hit Japan with in Hiroshima — nor do they have the capacity or the missile radius to hit us with anything really (– this is according to BBC), we still view them as a threat because they are acting threatening… and the United States takes everything seriously, we could crush them. But I would rather both sides back down and many lives be saved in the process.

      Thank you very much for the well thought-out comment, I followed your blog and hope to read more updates/ your thoughts on all of this. Thank you.

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