oh, happy day

I could feel myself glowing, radiating as we rode onwards. That “click” feeling where you really know where you need to be. The rush of happiness that makes your fingers tingle and your eyes flutter open.  Aware, in the moment, in control but relaxed all at the same time.  When you know you’ve done something right.

That’s how today went.  I got to ride Chip today and somehow his little Quarter Horse self made my day unspeakably amazing.  Chip is dorky but perfect in a different way.  He’s the kind of horse that makes (well, me) remember why I love to ride, why I won’t deny that I am a horse girl. It all came rushing to me making me unbearably happy.  I can’t stop smiling.  I haven’t stopped smiling for the past three-ish hours.  The rush of happiness is almost overwhelming.

When we cantered, I had begun to realize why.  I felt myself slipping back into my childhood. The days when my main “purpose” in life was to ride and more than any horse, I wanted to ride Cutter. A chestnut Quarter Horse who was like a dog and had a canter like a rocking horse… today, I found myself on a different quarter horse, with the same canter.  The rhythm confused me at first… I didn’t understand what made me so happy about it… but the two horses had the same stride, same rhythm and the feeling was a combination of home, joy and everything I’d ever wanted.

Tony!  Toby!

such a happy day.

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