finding color

She doesn’t know it yet, but Mica (and the Shawshank Redemption) is the inspiration for this post.I think in funny ways, as much as you have to put color in your life, it finds you.

“It is in our darkest moments, that we are able to focus and see the light” Aristotle

I didn’t mean to interpret his words literally, but this whole past week, I’ve been drawn to this place that we nicknamed “top of the world” where one can stand and see all the way to Sacramento… and it indeed is quite colorful.

Earlier this week, I went with my brother and cousin.  We stood upon the side of the hill looking down, watching all of the tiny cars, dots of light, flashing down the streets.  Flashing red and white lights, as a firetruck whirred by. Someone had gotten into a car accident.  And there we were, sitting on the hill, watching.  We could see the accident as it happened, the police and firemen rushing to the scene, we could see it all.  Families leaving dinner, traffic building.  Our little city appeared to be in such a hurry with no explanation as to why.  So many people, it made me realize how small we really are.  How we each carry out our own lives without a thought of who else we effect, who we touch, so caught up on the little dramas of our own lives.  How small our seemingly colossal problems actually were… how vast and beautiful the world was.
top of the world

4 thoughts on “finding color

  1. Awww, especially love this post Nicole (: I feel so honored to be mentioned on your wonderful blog. Glad you’re finding some color. Beautiful writing as always. Have a great fourth of July!

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