happy gibberish and horses

before reading this please note: I have no intention of re reading this or even thinking about the words, placement and organization of this piece.  I promise it will read like happy gibberish spewing from my brain because that is quite simply what it is. I’m happy, so I feel like writing – and I’m exhausted so I don’t feel like reading nor even thinking about what I’m writing.  Enjoy – if you’re up for some blissful nonsense, as that’s what’s on the menu.

This morning I woke up, a bit anxious.  The first thought that breached my mind was “Am I late?” and after a few heart-pounding moments of attempting to check my phone, I felt my whole self relax.
not at all.

I found myself closing my eyes in anticipation of returning to sleep, twisting with all of the attention to crack my back (as it well needed/ needs it)… and a few minutes later (to my delight) I found myself greeted by George.  The day had begun.

There was a full schedule to be completed and I was determined to enjoy the business. Eye exams at ten, riding at noon, errands to run, work to be done… now I’m exhausted but blissfully so.

Perhaps it sounds like nonsense, but I feel as though equestrian and canine sports enthusiasts will understand.  That ‘click’ feeling, where you know you’ve connected.  The mutual understanding and respect that cannot be taught – only felt.  That’s what I felt today.  I got to ride a cute little appendix boy named Skyler.  First off- let me just say that I love Quarter Horses in general.  They’re honest, quick and thinking (mostly).

Today when we rode, he read my mind, my cues were short and apparently very clear. Our rhythm while cantering was on point, normally it takes a couple of strides for me to find my comfortable place, but easing him into the canter, I went right to it. Got all of our leads, I could feel his diagonals better than I have since riding Chip… and in short, I had such a nice ride.  We did some groundwork and focused on control and Eq, two point work and extremely bouncy sit trot work (even at a slower trot!).  My leg was surprisingly more controlled (or I felt like I had more control anyways)… minus the sit trot, I *really* need to improve on that, and I believe I would have squeezed him like toothpaste had we done no stirrup work which would have been interesting.

in short – I had an amazing lesson and am itching for next week’s to come faster!
and because he’s adorable…

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