why my posts are not “freshly-press-able”

For those of you not in the world of blogging, to WordPress, being “Freshly Pressed” is the newspaper equivalent of making the front page.  It’s the eye-catching news previews on television that makes you wait and *actually* continue watching to find out what it is.  It’s the noticed stuff. Writing about important, relatable – relevant things to what is happening in the world.

My posts were perhaps none of these.  Maybe a bit relatable, or a touch relevant to what was happening in the world at the time… but nary interesting nor important.

Sifting through blogs in general as well as the Fresh Pressed ones, I was also noticing a trend.  One that I have not taken to *yet.*  These posts were quality, I don’t mean that mine aren’t…. but the authors had put real time into editing, putting a purpose to each word and using the right words.  Not once have I ever had a post in the “draft” phase.  Review?  Maybe after it’s already posted… Revision?  Don’t even ask- that doesn’t exist in the pirate world.  That’s right – my pieces were raw, grammatically incorrect and came straight from the moment.  What I was feeling, the words flowing just as they are now.

It bothered me.

Re-reading my posts, raw with emotion and an obvious lack of any sort of organization or grammar correct-ness I smiled. I wrote about what I wanted to write about, I didn’t write for my readers more or less, I wrote for myself.  I wrote without thinking, purely from emotion and whatever was happening at the time without any consideration for who was reading and what response I could get.  I couldn’t care less if it was relatable or relevant.

I just wrote.

I wrote and loved it, my hands flying across my keyboard, whatever was on my mind!  Topics were not broad and excruciatingly relatable or “cool” – I was a sculptor and the writing, my clay.  When I would finish, I would publish.  Not a second thought, or doubt left my mind and those who related, enjoyed or even understood my writing.  The freedom to write without a second thought or (much) judgement.  People who just so happened to occasionally relate or have an opinion those are the ones that made my day, encouraged me to keep writing and to persevere onward.

In the end, it wasn’t about being Fresh Pressed – or writing to make people happy.  I write because I can, because it feels good to release and put your thoughts out there.
And also- there is organization, it’s simply how I think.

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