just another age-old rant

Be prepared for this is simply a long-winded rant about people. Mainly about people and ignorance.  But you know, I haven’t got much to say since I am aware that I too, am ignorant in many ways of the world.  Life is what you make of it, and in my life, I hope to fill my mind with knowledge and know-how.  However, for now, I rant.  It’s a mixture of irritability with people’s lack of knowledge, lack of drive to obtain knowledge, and my own lack of patience.  Perhaps one day these things can change (more likely than not – only the latter will).  One can dream.

Perhaps these feelings are due to my lack of participation in both the agility and rescue world but maybe someone will find them rather relatable and (hopefully) laughable.  I have volunteer hours due soon for a class and a few friends want to get them done at the rescue together.  Normally I wouldn’t have an issue, sure, come volunteer – I’ll make you work your ass off at the dog rescue and you’ll have fun being with dogs. (and horses and birds and creatures of all shapes and sizes)

Here’s the issue. *whenever* the subject of dogs come into play their unrealistic expectations of “the perfect rescue dog” spew from their lips as they go on and on and on about what kind of dogs they want, in what age group, possible names and their plans for “next year” with complete and utter disregard for anything benefitting the welfare of the dog itself.  Or any kind of realistic words.

My only saving grace is to laugh and attempt to change the subject before I am completely overwhelmed by annoyance.  It has become very clear to me over the years (it was worse in the past) that I have a certain lack of tolerance for ignorance when it comes to people talking about dogs.  I can handle people idiotically dressing up their dogs or mildly untrained dogs… but what I cannot stand is where people get their dogs from and unrealistic expectations for how their dogs will turn out OR how they expect to pay for their dogs OR their plans for their dog post-semester.  It takes every tiny bit of self-control in my to not say anything.

It makes me wonder – how do other people, educated in the dog world deal with this idiotic talk?  Surrounding themselves with other dog people so they can rant and laugh about it later? That’s what got me through most of high school. That and refusing to talk about dogs to the general public.   How do people just not care?  I don’t understand.  Is it a learned thing?  To ignore ignorance and just let it off?  It would be helpful to know before thanksgiving because it’s the worst when the ignorance comes from those closest to you.

I mean it’s not in the general public’s best interest to spend years educating themselves about their four legged friends so why am I so irritable about the subject?  It’s almost the same irritability I feel when I see idiots using the computer, like cavemen – I’m talking about people my own age unable to copy and paste without using the mouse, or people who have not learned that you cannot click a hyperlink until it’s activated. People who have the uttermost difficulty opening a powerpoint presentation….. really?! Really.

Perhaps it’s just stupidity I cannot tolerate.  If you have the means and the need to educate yourself on a subject before you “jump in” – why don’t you?

It’s almost ironic because now the shortcut to italicize text isn’t quite working and I’m over here googling what I could possibly be doing incorrectly.  With technology now, wouldn’t you just assume that people are able to figure things out for themselves?


More and more I’m beginning to realize that I’ve got the same feelings towards so many things, renewable energy, solar, wind, the grid, computers, typing, basic understanding of the internet, basic understandings of military uniform (well, this was not my own doing……), cars… to name a few.

Regardless, I know I remain ignorant to many things but more than that, I need to learn patience.  People learn at different rates, and sometimes may not care enough to learn at all.  It’s these choices that shape humanity and I must accept that they are out of my reach and control (not that I would want any part in that kind of power).  In this case, I feel it is okay to focus on myself: not so much what I know… rather, more importantly what I need and want to learn.

in addition, bbc confirms all of my theories (link).

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