“Midnight Sun,” a college culinary creation

This is the first recipe I’ve ever written!!! (Suggestions for future recipe-writing would be much appreciated.)  My roommate, Molly and I decided to experiment with food and the name of this is inspired by our Geography class-  a rare occurrence that happens only at the poles of the Earth (the 24 hours when the sun doesn’t set). The name is subject to change but the end result was delicious so I thought I’d record and share the recipe.

college cooking creationsIngredients: Most of these ingredients are estimated, feel free to slightly alter based on your preferences)
– ketchup (1/2 cup)
-sun dried tomatoes (6)
-bread crumbs (2 1/2 cups)
-milk (2 1/2 cups)
-eggs (2)
-basil (6ish leaves)
-garlic (1)
-onions (1/2)
-olives (1/2 can)
-ground turkey (1.25lb package)
-unmade crescent rolls
-olive oil

In a separate bowl, combine eggs and milk, whisk together as if making scrambled eggs.  Next add bread crumbs and let soak for two-ish minutes.

Finely chop onions, olives, sun dried tomatoes, ketchup (to your discretion, we hardly used any – just enough for flavor) and basil.  Mince  garlic.  Add dry ingredients to the bowl of eggs, milk and soaked bread crumbs and mix until evenly dispersed.

In a large pan – heat up olive oil (enough to fry meat balls).

Wash Hands.

Pre-heat oven to temperature specified on the crescent roll package (probably around 375 F).

Pull out two plates  and paper towels – one for the mixture and one for the meatballs after cooking them.  Place a layer of one or two paper towels on the plate you plan on using for the meatballs after they are cooked.
Utilize a plate (preferably with raised rims) to spread the mixture of ingredients to use as a kind of a breading.   Pick up a small bit of raw ground turkey (enough to fit in the center of the palm of your hand) and flatten.  Spread mixture generously over meat.   Now roll the meat into a meatball shape and place carefully in hot oil (be warned, hot oil burns easily and flies everywhere).

Continue this process spreading out meatballs so they do not touch, remove from pan when outside looks crisp and dark (dark brown in color) and place on  paper-towel plate, this will remove most/ some of the oil from the meatball.  Continue until all meat is cooked.

Spread out unmade crescent rolls on a pan (do not roll them yet).  Place slightly cooled meatballs inside of the crescent roll and wrap dough around it.  This process should be similar to making “pigs in a blanket.”

Continue by following the instructions on the crescent roll package.  Top with cheese (if preferred) and enjoy.

2 thoughts on ““Midnight Sun,” a college culinary creation

    • oh my goodness !!! I can’t believe you tried it and it worked out :) :) thank you! (pardon the surprise, I’m excited) I’ll try!! I have to be bored and inventive first… hmm hmm. Glad you enjoyed it, I thought it was pretty yummy too

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