Put it back, you don’t need that! a.k.a. Picking the correct breed is important. Don’t fuck it up.

anyone and everyone even just *thinking* about getting a new dog NEEDS to read this. It should be a requirement or something…. I share all of these thoughts/ views. Goodness !

The Dog Snobs

Every year the AKC comes out with statistics on the most popular breeds. For several years the Labrador has reigned supreme (Much to the chagrin of Labrador people in both the show and working divide) as the most commonly registered dog in the United States.

Unsurprisingly, these statistics have very little to do with the realistic ownership pool, (e.g. people who really can handle the best and worst traits of the breed responsibly, provide adequate exercise and training, and not just let their dog run amok and terrorize the neighborhood).


Every asshole we know with a dog they can’t or won’t manage put very little thought into their decision to own a dog let alone select an appropriate type, so we’re here to help. Before you get your dog, consider these factors, or we’ll mock you via inappropriate stick figure dramas.


1) Do you actually want a dog…

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