Feelings and Finals and Essays, oh my!

(in attempt to mimic “Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!”)
My stomach moans as I type.  It’s a solid twenty-seven degrees outside according to weather.com and I would have to agree (where’s the snow?!).  The clock has long since approached midnight and stress levels have reached an all time high.  Sleep seems to be an unheard of thing of the past and there is nothing more motivational than the promise of caffeine… and food.

Drawing hastily in the side margin of the notes I’d been examining for the past half hour, it never occurred to me the ridiculousness of it all.  Perhaps being surrounded by others with sleepless nights and hard work, how is it we are supposed to become all-knowlegeable about a topic in a few hours?  Apparently we’ve been attempting to do so for an entire semester but as I read my own writing, it was easy to see that not much had sunk in.  Yes, I do remember writing the notes themselves, but the content?  Not so much.

This time last year I’d written from the library, terrified of my first finals and trying to digest the semester’s information.  Stress had overwhelmed me and then, I had found myself a giggling mess.  This year I feel quite a bit older, by quite a bit I mean more than a year older… (though it’s only been a year).  My focus is more driven, I’m in it for the grades and I’ve learned how to focus without (completely) going mad.  Nostalgia has been hitting me pretty hard lately.  Perhaps it is the stress.

Finding myself attempting to rub the exhaustion out of my eyes, I stop.  It’s not working (duh, why would it?).  Retrieving my headphones, it’s the one thing that keeps me going.  That and the idea that in another hour, I’ll let myself be distracted again.   But for now, the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack and a long Psychology research paper to write on Asperger’s Syndrome.

For those of you who are battling finals, remember, small victories win the war.  Also- finals are not the end of the world, Christmas break is fast approaching! 


10 thoughts on “Feelings and Finals and Essays, oh my!

  1. After having stayed awake now for 50+ hours to do a work project I’ve realized that college is a mere preparation in time management. You’ll be fully prepared to procrastinate and still get the job done. :)

    • 50+ hours?! good grief! Good to know! (I don’t think procrastination here and there is all that bad as long as the work gets done on time..right?)
      I think I will be forever more grateful for sleep-filled nights. Thank you Sarah :)

  2. Awww, can sympathize. Assuming you’re enjoying Christmas break by now, and hoping you survived. I love how all of your photos are always so beautiful and artsy no matter what the subject. I’m always so inspired when I view your blog. Thanks for cheering up my Christmas holiday (:

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