heartfelt and honest

Lately more than ever I’ve been caught with the ever-bearing idea of getting another dog.  Perhaps between my own immense puppy fever as well as being confronted by friends, friends in the agility community – even my equine community asking, why haven’t I?  What’s holding me back?  I’ve been presented with opportunity after opportunity.  I’ve been told there is no “perfect time.”  It IS indeed a goal of mine to be able to compete in the sport of dog agility however I’ve learned it is not one of pressing matters (though it may seem that way especially if you are a junior). Untitled

George casts one of his exhausted glares up at me.  It’s far past his bed time and I haven’t yet turned off the lights.  I commence to turn off the light and down the brightness of my laptop but the inconsistent tapping of the keys still irritates him and he sighs irritably.  Slowing down my typing, I hope it’s not-so annoying.

Perhaps what is most difficult to understand is the journey that he has spent with me.  The mutual understanding that I am his just as much as he is mine.  It probably sounds crazy as to anyone and everyone else he is “just a dog”  – Aye, yes, he is a dog;  but, he is also so much more.  There are no words to possibly describe what I mean or what I’m thinking.  Only soft breathing and a silent appreciation that exists.  Is it the “bond” that I’m scared of messing up?  Honestly, no.  Twelve wholesome years has proven that he is quite a bit more selflessly forgiving of me and my errors, than I could ever imagine being to anyone.  There is no way that could get messed up.

When it boils down to it, you could call it respect.  My getting another dog, sharing that kind of bond with another soul would be testing his limits, something that was decided long ago – before my dreams in the agility world came into play.  Because to me, he is not simply a dog.  I respect his wishes because after twelve years of patiently listening, forgiving my flaws, doing every little thing that I ever asked of him – it is time for me to give back.

So perhaps at another time, in another place in life, I will get another dog; however, that time is not now.  Now is the time I have to appreciate the friend in which I’ve been blessed – after all, dogs are not nearly with us long enough.

7 thoughts on “heartfelt and honest

  1. Just look at those intelligent eyes staring back at you! It is a tough choice. When I adopted a dog to be a companion for Pepi, he was firmly in the betrayed camp – refused to sleep on my bed for several nights. And sometimes I felt Pepi missed out because of the new dog. Then again, he had company. But he was a lot younger than George when that happened.

  2. Cannot agree with this enough! Although I now have two dogs, and puppies are always ever so tempting don’t get me wrong, but I too have subconsciously made a decision to not get another until after my current dogs, or atleast until I am down to one. Even with two I find it hard to give them everything I want to, they do all of the same things and I do things with them individually, but its just not the same as if you have a partnership of you and your one dog. I do adore my two though and couldn’t imagine being without either of them. Do what feels right, George is a dashing boy and I’m sure he’d be happy with whatever fate you may choose, but preserve your time together all you can :)

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