exhale: it’s summer

I’m not sorry about the overwhelming amount of photos in this post today.  There are quite a few but I promise I took more, these are just the favorites.  The choice in editing tends to mirror my mood, or idea about life at the time.  In these there is one clear message.  Perhaps it isn’t obvious, but it makes sense in my mind.  Art is open to interpretation.


Yes, this post should probably be about memorial day and the Americans who gave their lives to protect our freedom.  I believe the armed forces of this country are extremely undervalued and need a significant amount of recognition for the thankless tasks they carry out.  It’s not at all like the movies.  Don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise.

Perhaps, in that way, Memorial Day comes into play.  Though your decisions shape your life, it is also important to recognize you cannot control everything you have been given – or what’s been thrown at you.  What counts is how you handle these things thrown at you, how you embrace what you have.  You might long for more, but it’s not wanting something that does anything.  You have to act.

Do something about it.
boys can hair-flip too
thoughtful shadows
Untitled hose off?
Mason Untitled
focus Untitled
that's my jam


be free.

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