the pirate

college  947247_10201049859762138_772655597_n

 I don’t know what else you need to know.

The Pirate, better known as Nicole Detmers is from California.  She’s a considerably simple person who is described by her roommate “Nicole likes coffee, horses, and ice.”  This is an accurate description as her five favorite things include everything about coffee (preferably french press dark roast), riding horses, taking pictures, writing things down and …ice.  She is currently a Junior, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (BA/ Bad Ass) degree in Communications and picking up a minor in Environmental Studies at Sonoma State.  This pirate also happens to have an account on *almost* every social media platform out there.

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2 thoughts on “the pirate

    • I’d love to meet you sometime too!!! California is far away from pretty much eeeeeveryyything. But I mean, you could always vacation in SF and stay with me ;)

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