hopefully this page will answer any questions stirring in your mind

about the blog, itself:
Before becoming “Musings of a Pirate” Nicole used to keep a photography blog called “Dances With Waves.” After deciding she wanted a more personal place to write and exhibit her thoughts and feelings towards the world, she began the slight transition over.

of all things, why a pirate?
ahhh you see, one does not choose to be a pirate, that’s something you are born with.  Or at least I was. Google defines (or defined) pirates as those who “rob or plunder a ship.”  But you see, I’ve been a pirate long before google was even created. The first time I step foot in that sand, touched the sea, I knew a love like no other.  My first encounter with pirates was in my early childhood building “Castle Rock” with my Dad (a giant sand castle/ barricade on the beach at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk).  He told me that there was a pirate boat and we must protect the beach, however my curiosity and the appeal of a rebellious lifestyle of living on a boat in the middle of the ocean deemed more suitable for my taste.  Thus the dream of commandeering a ship and living a life of hunting treasure was born.

so…. the content is…?
well it’s not all pirate themed if that’s what you’re asking.  It’s completely random and up to my digression (my, being Nicole).  It ranges from college life to re-blogging things to photographs of horses and dogs or other adventures.  It’s a very descriptive painting of the thoughts that I cannot remove from my brain via speaking, therefore it is published in writing.

on another note – I tend to write when I’m putting off doing other more important work (what are priorities??).  Also I rarely return to my writing and read it over/ attempt to proof it so enjoy the crude nature of raw thoughts. Lovely isn’t it?

kind of peaceful for a pirate…
I have a notorious opinion blog (not really, I’m it’s only reader) called “Queen Pirate” and located at If you’re in for a good rant or strongly worded post – here would be the place to find it.

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