kind of funny

Kind of funny how people act differently when they’re around different people. I know I do, and I know loads of people do, but it’s interesting stepping back and watching. OKAY FOCUS. I’m going to do my stock project. I am, I am, I am. This is going to happen. URGGGG. I’m so distracted. I want to do ANYTHING but my stock project and I think what I’m wearing is cute today except I don’t feel like I look good. How does that happen. UGH. lame. okay sooooooo again with the self-consciousness. I should just shut up and do my homework. Nobody cares. I have a HUGE PROJECT do do and I’m blogging. I just have to free my mind so I can work. I want to go on pottermore so badly, I also want to go to agility but I NEED to do this stock project NOW. like NO JOKE. ugh. okay, time to get to work.
let’s do this. I mean. uh.
did I mention, I’m having a slight disco music obsession, I mean Earth Wind and Fire + KC and the Sunshine Band… good grief, I think I was born in the wrong era sometimes.
arr. I SHOULD be a pirate. and my official pottermore nickname is Reef. ah yeah man.

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